Phyllis Baldino ParaUniVersesVersesVerses color/sound
single-channel video installation: 7:16:21 minutes

The idea of parallel universes--of the multiple instances and physical spaces similar to, yet slightly different from the one that we consciously perceive as our ‘reality’--has always fascinated me. Even the simplest physical acts performed by each of us varies slightly when performed by our “other” selves in these parallel universes.

This installation has a 7' by 9' Dual Vision projection screen in the middle of the room, with both sides of the screen visible to viewers. At times the footage will flip, so the front of the image will change from one side of the screen to the other. This shift is subtle and is intended to play with the notion of universe ‘location’ and the attention of the viewer.

(footage excerpt)
Installation video documentation

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